Big NYC night / The Hudson

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Big NYC night / The Hudson

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Big NYC / The Hudson by Toby McFarlan Pond - Pigment ink jet print         150 Editions




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About Toby Mcfarlan Pond

Toby McFarlan Pond is an English still life photographer who works in fashion, music, and advertising.
He mainly photographs luxury goods, such as jewelry, handbags, and heels,but he also photographs people and landscapes, often in bright, vivid color.
He has photographed for The New York Times,W Magazine,Vogue Hommes International, The Face, Pop Magazine, and Big Magazine. His images have also appeared in the Wall Street Journal and other well-known magazines.
Pond has done cover art for the Icelandic musician Björk.He has done advertisements for Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Nike, and Adidas